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We have read many of them in the bible. Sarah having a child in her old age, Hannah who was barren having a son. The woman with the issue of blood being healed, blind eyes being open, limbs growing back. All these were the power of God at work in the lives of His people and some might say, that was the bible, that was centuries ago, those things no longer happen and don't happen in our day.

Well the bible says God is the same yesterday, today and forever and if the bible is the true and living word of God as I and so many others believe it to be, that means God's almighty power is still working today.

We are not exempt from the miracle working power of God being displayed in our lives. The only thing that exempts us is our lack of faith in the omnipotent one.

What is a miracle?

A Miracle is something deemed impossible but yet it happened.

God is an expert at making the impossible possible.

What is your impossible situation today? Do you think because you in your limited human thinking and reasoning can't see a way out. It means there is no way out?

Have you spent so much time in a situation of despair that you've gotten accustomed to it and have begun to believe that this is the way it's supposed to be?

I'm Here to tell you NO!!!

God is still in the miracle working business. He still loves and cares about His people. His power has not diminished and it is available to anyone who will trust and believe in Him wholeheartedly.

Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the light. 

Read His word, Believe His word, Live His word and see the power of the Living, Eternal God displayed in your life. See Him turn things around. Watch Him work things out in your life in a way that you never imagined.

God's power is for and still works TODAY


Spiritual Dangers Of Masturbation

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This a very important topic that I would like to talk about. Each of us has a soul and a lot of people don't realise how valuable it is. That's why so many people have and continue to sell their soul to the devil.

This is not to scare you but simply to make you aware. Your soul is very important to God and that's why it is also important to the devil. Whoever has your soul be it God or the devil they got you. Many people sell their Souk for money, fame, power.

Have you ever wondered why the devil is willing to give you riches, wealth & power in exchange for your soul? If he (the devil) has all that wealth, power, riches, why does he want your soul. Simple. Because your soul is more valuable than all these things. This is what a lot of people fail to realise and make the very detremental mistake of selling their soul. I want you to know this so you won't make the same mistake that so many people have and continue to make.

God loves you and always will. No matter what you have or may still be going through, God cares. He loves you and can make your life better. Don't let the devil fool you into thinking that he (the devil) is God and that God is the devil. Don't let him make you think that you need him to have wealth, riches & power.

Solomon had these things and he didn't get it from the devil. So what does that tell you? That tells you thatthere is a greater power that what the devil has. There is someone greater than him.

Give your life to Jesus. You don't have to sell your soul, no signing your name in blood, no human sacrifice, no manipulation and living in fear. You don't. Have to destroy someone's reputation or credibility to get ahead in life. God can elevate you. He can make you better than you ever though you could be.

Read the King James Bible and get to know the true, living and loving God, so you won't be fooled and fall for imitations. There are a lot out there. The more you get to know God the more you get to know about you because He made you.


If you have it's not too late. God can still save you if you allow Him to. I must tell you it won't be easy but it's not impossible.

Call/Message me to find out how.


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ISAAC 98.1 FM 'The Promise'

2 hrs · 


Received by Marisa Elcock-Thongs –Trinidad and Tobago 2015

6th May 2015

There is going to be an earthquake in Trinidad and Tobago in the coming season. I am going to

shake this nation says God. I am going to shake off everything that the enemy has set to do to this

land and resurrect my purposes and plans for Trinidad and Tobago.

I will not be swayed nor moved says the spirit of God. The time has already been set.

Warn my people O church, warn this nation. To repent and turn away from their sin, their idolatry,

their witchcraft, their malpractices, for they seek to pervert my destiny but

I will not be moved.

I have created this land and it belongs to me. It has been chosen and selected for my purpose and

my will shall prevail.

Know that the people are not fighting another god; they are fighting me (God).

No one can fight against God and win. SOUND THE ALARM!

Let the people repent, both near and far, young and old and I will lessen the destruction that shall

come as a result of the earthquake.

And I shall rebuild Trinidad and Tobago according to my plan and purpose.

Many shall lose their lives out of wonton disobedience says the Spirit of God.

Destruction shall come quickly. Behold it shall spread like wildfire. There shall be sirens, smoke, the

police and the ambulance shall be in demand. The hospitals shall be filled. The prisons shall be

emptied. Looting and destruction shall take place.

I shall harness them from my people, my chosen ones shall not be touched, those who fear my name

and trust me. Those who walk in obedience and in my will. I shall preserve them.

And then I shall rebuild, a TnT that is stronger, smarter, cleaner, more compliant to me and my

ways, responsive, compassionate, driven not encouraged.

Forged in the fire of affliction shall this nation be once again. I am making yet another shift in this

land’s topography. All for my divine plan and purpose says the Spirit of God.

Fear not, all you who serve God faithfully for you shall be preserved, even your household unto me.

15th June 2015

The days are fast approaching when that of which I spoke will come to pass. Continue to warn the

people and to sound the alarm. On radio, on social media, wherever and whenever you can get the

opportunity. This is nothing like what Trinidad has ever seen, nor shall Trinidad see it again.

I am hastening my work in this nation for the time is approaching where fear will grip the hearts of

men such that they may wish to live in this country no longer.

The days upon this land have become evil. The hearts of men have abandoned all allegiance to me,

save and except my remnant. I have been staying my hand over this land but my people to have

begun to turn away from me. They have begun to seek after other pleasures and placed them in the

place of me.

My people no longer fear me for sin has entered their heart even the sin of this land. I must act say

God to salvage what’s left of my people and to rebuild my nation according to my plan and purpose.

And I shall have the destiny ordained for this nation and for this people fulfilled, says the Spirit of

the living God.


2015 Prophecy for Trinidad & Tobago by Dereck Mason


The Truth About Being Transgender

Testimony Of An Ex Gay Man 

Water is really important. Get your 8 glasses daily.
God is love let's show some. 
Workers wanted. Click image for more info
Workers wanted. Click image for more info

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