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Pelham St, Belmont

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Oscar Francois

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Job Description & Requirements

You will be required to sell ad spots on our website at a cost of $50 TTD per spot. These are promotional ads to advertise the website. You will be required to get 20 clients daily. Mon - Fri are your workdays (weekends are up to you). 

You can work Full/Part time once you get the ad spots sold. 

You can sell these ad spots any of the following ways:

Out on the field

Over the phone


Social Media

Whichever is comfortable and more profitable for you. You'll need to get a receipt book which I will stamp out for you.

It is preferred that you have an android phone with data since you will need to download our app to show the client our site.

All ads will be placed mainly on our homepage to ensure it's visibility. As well as other places on the site. If you forget any of this info when meeting with clients you can always refer to our app.

$30 TTD per client goes to you

$20 TTD per client goes to us

Once you achieve your goal of 20 clients daily Mon -Fri you will make $600 TTD daily - $3000 TTD weekly. 

If for any reason you fail to get 20 clients daily, get at least 10 clients daily. You will make $1500 TTD weekly. The more clients you get to buy our ads the more money you'll make.

You'll need to supply me with your bank and account number since your money will be deposited into your account on a weekly basis. 

In order to place the ad you must get the following from the Client:

1 Photo

Web Address (Facebook/Website)

NB: If the Client wants 2 photos, let them give you their Facebook & Website Address. We'll link 1 pic to their Facebook & the other to their Website.

Name of Client

Contact Number (Preferably mobile)

NB: No offence to anyone but all Sales Reps must be honest & trustworthy. All monies collected from clients must be deposited into an account of which I will give you the bank and number.