What could happen if you don't sanitize regularly
What could happen if you don't sanitize regularly

We Sanitize & Repair watercoolers. They're sanitized every 2 months. 

It is very important that you sanitize your watercooler regularly to avoid bacteria build up in the storage tank and other parts of the water cooler.

Some of what can be found in the storage tank of the watercooler are as follows:

Hair strands


Particles/pieces of plastic from the water bottle


This is why sanitizing often is so important.

It might seem so insignificant but your health can be seriously affected and you wouldn't even know the cause.

We repair mainly bottled watetcoolers and the cost of repairs is determined by different factors.

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If your watercooler is not colding

If your hot water is not getting hot

If your water cooler is freezing up

If your water cooler is leaking

If your tap is broken/cracked

If no water is running out of your taps

If the compressor is not working

If the top part of your watercooler is severely cracked

We encourage persons who may be considering purchasing a countertop watercooler to ensure it has a compressor, since purchasing a circuit board watercooler can cost you mainly because it is extremely difficult to get a circuit board to replace another.

Companies we've done work for


Ministry of Health

Ministry of Food Production



First Citizens Bank

Just to name a few.